For Beginners: 6 Pieces of Advice to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Как делать ставки в букмекерских конторах

These days, bookmakers act quite lawfully compared to popular online casinos. Authorities allow bookmakers to legally accept sports bets and advertise their activities if they sponsor sports events.

Today, bookmaker’s offices accept not only bets on sports, but also bets on other events which have a result. For example, one can bet on who will win the next, what the game score will be, where the event will take place, when something will happen, or who will become the new president of this or that country. It is important to note that there are always risks involved with gambling, but you can significantly increase your chances of winning by reading and listening to the following advice:


Identify events to bet on that are not only interesting to you, but those that you are also an expert in. For example, you should not bet on a team that you are only hearing about for the first time. Bet on sports and teams that you are familiar with and confident in. Before placing a bet, study the relevant statistics and read the cappers’ opinions. Cappers are analysts who know a particular sport or championship like the back of their hand and often include well-known sports journalists, commentators, and even active athletes.


Bet only extra money in your possession and never risk your last savings or money that you and your family are relying on until your next paycheck. And certainly, do not take any loans! Also, do not borrow money from friends and relatives for betting purposes.

Bet only as much as you would spend on a movie outing or a coffee break with friends. Think of betting as entertainment, not a source of income. Additionally, keep records on your bets in order to keep track of your wins and losses. In this way, you will be able to understand whether you are using a beneficial strategy and whether it is worth it to continue betting on sports.


Often, betters are offered to buy information about supposedly fixed matches. Don’t believe these offers! In most cases, such offers are made by scammers. Their scheme is quite simple: you are given the first match forecast for free, you make a bet and win, and then you are offered a forecast for the next match, but for a cost. It is easy to figure out that the second forecast is not going to fly. Remember that even if fixed matches exist, information about them will not be disclosed on the Internet.


Decide on the amount of the bet prior to making it. Set a clear limit for yourself and do not exceed it for any reason. If you are a beginner player, do not bet large amounts at once: start small. Try not to let excitement govern you and do not bet the entire amount in full, even you think that the bet is rock-solid and you will definitely win.


This is the most common mistake among beginners. After defeat, most of them try to win back the money they lost as quickly as possible, impulsively betting on the next event. This is a known losing tactic that fails 90% of the time. In case of a loss, we advise you not to rush to bet again. Take a break. Ideally, set a strict schedule for your betting. For example, decide not to bet more than once a day.


Rest regularly. Even the most experienced bettors have a black streak in their playing career sooner or later. To prevent this, it is important to take breaks to clear your head.