Cappers: who are they and whether or not to trust them?

About cappers and capper companies

You can more often hear in the sports betting industry about cappers who help to make a winning bet. Is it true? And who the cappers are? Basically, cappers are the sports analysts who specialize in foreseeing the outcomes for a particular sports event. Usually, bookmaker’s offices and players are their clients. But can you trust them?


A good sports betting expert, which is quite rare, must have excellent analytical skills and know all the ins and outs of the world of sports. In addition, the capper must be well versed in the game strategies. It can be said that a capper is professional in his craft with a unique ability to foresee the outcome of a sporting event.

Cappers are reached out for help in choosing a good bookmaker’s or event. They are well aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each bookmaker’s. Such a specialist can independently make a forecast for a particular sports event; therefore, he has rather non-standard thinking and stand up against his likes or dislikes towards certain players or teams. A competent situation assessment is his strong point. But are all cappers so good?

Often, bookmaker’s have their own cappers, and they are no less experienced and qualified.

The point that such an employee is not interested in bringing profit to the player but making a profit for a bookmaker is without ado! This is why it makes more sense to work with cappers directly. He will offer his client really profitable betting options that will bring profit to the player, not the office. In order to find a professional capper, you should focus attention on his experience and customer reviews.


Many people wrongly assume that there is a standard forecasting scheme, but it is not so. Most often, beginners stick to this view. They believe that this is what professional cappers are guided by when making forecasts or providing inside information. But it is not the case, and such data is not freely available.

Analysis of the upcoming event is the most effective tool for professional cappers. This is how they can be useful to their clients and stay in the black for a long time. The strong analysis is a guarantee of good profit for the capper and his client. All kinds of strategies, algorithms and mathematical models will not be able to affect the result, but they will be able to increase the rate index even by 10%. Thanks to the cappers, the percentage of successful bids can reach 25%.

Intuition has no small part in making forecasts for the outcome, but at the same time, it is not decisive. First of all, a professional capper relies on statistics and analysis, and only then on intuition. In order to increase your chances, the capper takes into account all the points that may in some way affect the upcoming sports event.

As a rule, he starts from the analysis and consolidation of statistics of the previous games of the player or a team, and then takes into account the experience, achievements and many other indicators.

The next step is to analyze the physical condition of the player or a team. The capper compares the strengths and weaknesses of both teams/players. He analyzes their health condition (injuries, rehabilitation time, competition form), assesses the current degree of readiness, the probability of his replacement or disqualification. The capper takes into consideration all the points, as a result of which a correct forecast is prepared. As a general rule, cappers gain all information from official sources: posts of sports players ion social networks, the latest sports news, interviews of players and coaches, press conferences. Some cappers are even aware of players’ salary delays, their recent purchases and debts. So, if a player finds himself in a sticky financial situation, this can negatively affect the results of the match.


Experienced players can often make their own forecasts without the help of cappers. Of course, this activity is very risky for beginners. However, if you want to predict the outcome of an event by yourself, please follow our pieces of advice.

First, bet only on leagues that you are well versed in. Even if you are not a sports analyst, you can be a die-hard fan of a certain type of game or match. For example, if you are a hardcore fan of English football, then you are probably well aware of it and, therefore, will be able to objectively assess the chances of winning and the possible risks.

Secondly, take your time. Premature decisions and excessive impulsiveness are your enemies, especially when it comes to sports betting. Conduct analysis and perform statistics before making a bet. If you are not sure that the bet will be winning, then it is better not to make it at all.

Third, do not limit yourself to just one type of bet. We do not recommend betting only on the outcome, totals and so on. Any of these offers can be profit-making if you prepare carefully and are not afraid to take risks on unusual bets.