Format and Schedule of Inaugural Edition of Esports World Cup Unveiled

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The Esports World Cup 2024 (EWC 2024), a component of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan, will have its first edition over the course of eight weeks, from July 3 to August 25, 2024.

The tournament, which will take place in the nation’s capital of Riyadh, will be one of the biggest in the gaming sector, or electronic sports if you prefer, in 2024 with a total prize pool of $60 million, 19 eSports titles at stake, and a Club Championship.

It’s important to note that the competition, which is being hosted by the Esports World Cup Foundation, budget-financed by the Saudi government, has drawn criticism from some eSports communities ever since it was established. This is because of the Saudi government’s involvement in the matter, which has sparked worries about the Middle Eastern nation’s record on human rights, especially with regard to the rights of women and LGBT+ people.

The wide variety of games on this year’s tournament calendar guarantees that there will be something thrilling for every type of eSports fan every week.

Weekly Summary

Week 1: In League of Legends, the action kicks out with a calculated showdown that sets the tone for the next few weeks. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also makes an appearance, showcasing its distinct style of MOBA gaming on mobile devices.

Week 2: This week, DOTA 2 reigns supreme thanks to its fierce competitiveness and complexity of strategy, which tests even the most experienced players. In addition, Free Fire highlights its quick battle royale action, offering an experience that’s both different and exhilarating. Combining these games ensures an exciting week filled with strategy moves and heart-pounding thrills.

Week 3: This week, Counter-Strike 2 steals the show with its sophisticated tactical gameplay and state-of-the-art visuals that improve the first-person shooter experience. In addition, PUBG Mobile keeps the suspense alive with its realistic battle royale structure, which necessitates deft placement and cooperation. Both games appeal to a wide range of players and provide a week full of fierce rivalry and strategic depth.

Week 4: This week, Overwatch 2 steals the show with its exciting mix of team tactics and quick-paced combat. Teams learn the value of quick decision-making and cooperative play as they move through a variety of levels and scenarios. The game promises a week packed with energetic play and strategic dexterity with its sophisticated graphical interface and varied hero selection, which offer layers of richness and excitement.

Week 5: Rainbow Six Siege takes the command this week thanks to its extremely tactical gameplay, which emphasizes accuracy and cooperation among teammates. In addition, Honor of Kings offers its distinct style of MOBA combat, engrossing its intricate story and potent character traits. The week is completed by Apex Legends, which adds its intense battle royale experience, where teamwork and quick thinking are essential.

Week 6: The week begins with the exhilarating combat of Street Fighter 6, in which players face off against each other in fierce one-on-one matches that put their reflexes and strategic thinking to the test. Furthermore, Fortnite unveils its thrilling new UEFN mode of play, which gives its already engaging action a new dimension. Another game that stands out is Teamfight Tactics, which is a slower-paced, strategic game in which players must shrewdly put together teams in order to outwit their opponents. This week’s many gaming options, which range from tactical team building to direct combat, guarantee an exciting experience for players of all stripes.

Week 7: EAFC 24 takes the field as the tournament draws to a close, bringing with it the competitive and tactical gameplay of virtual football. In high-stakes games that mimic the strategy and thrill of genuine football, players will compete. Starcraft 2 joins the portfolio to enhance the sports action and provides an immersive real-time strategy adventure where quick decisions and accuracy can change the course of a battle. This week’s tournament promises to be even more sophisticated and competitive, with strategic warfare taking place in interplanetary battlefields in addition to thrilling football simulation matches.

Week 8: The Esports World Cup’s last week promises to be a thrilling conclusion to the competition. Rocket League captivates viewers with its unique fusion of football mechanics and fast automobiles, transforming every game into an adrenaline show. With intricate and well-planned fighting sequences as rivals vie for dominance in the ring, Tekken 8 keeps up the intensity. PUBG Battleground, which enhances combat sports, puts players’ survival and tactical strategy to the test in its expansive, open-world environments. Rennsport rounds out the collection with a racing experience that is precise and immersive, making it enticing to fans of detailed and realistic driving simulators. When combined, these games offer an exciting blend of strategy, skill, and adrenaline that provides the ultimate competitive entertainment to close off the tournament.

With so many tournaments to keep track of, eSports bookmakers had to quickly add this first-ever Esports World Cup 2024 to their offers too, giving the gaming aficionados one more option for being involved in the tournament.

At Beginning of May, 30 eSports Organizations Joined EWC Club Support Program

Everything was set for the event when 30 organizations from all over the world joined the Esports World Cup Foundation Club Support Program, which finances teams in advance of the EWC. Some of the largest organizations in the eSports industry are on the list, including Fnatic, TSM, G2 Esports, NAVI, NiP, and FaZe Clan.

The EWC Foundation primarily uses the Club Support program, which was first unveiled in February 2024, to provide eSports teams with yearly financial infusions. The EWC Foundation said that a few organizations are qualified for an annual six-figure funding round, but it didn’t specify how the funds will be distributed. The funds will be used by the organizations, among other things, for content creation, eSports entry, and infrastructure improvements. The EWC Foundation invited 22 teams, and eight of those teams were chosen from among more than 150 applicants.