In Attempt to Regulate Sports Betting Market, Brazil Bans Public Figures from Advertising Bookmakers

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The Brazilian Senate is prepared to consider a ban on the use of celebrities in gambling advertisements in 2024.

In 2024, it’s anticipated that Brazil will have a legalized sports betting industry. This comes after Bill 3,626/2023 was approved by the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies in December. Although there have been many highs and lows, debates on advertising remain divisive in the nation.

With the introduction of amendments by Senator Eduardo Girão, who has long opposed gambling in Brazil, Bill 3,405/2023 aims to outlaw the use of celebrities in sports betting advertisements. This would prevent anyone deemed influential from being part of the marketing of gambling.

Girão believed that Bill 3,405/2023 would shield Brazilians from the potential financial and emotional damages associated with gaming.

Similar Restrictions on Advertising on a Global Level

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario declared in August 2023 that athletes and celebrities couldn’t appear in advertising efforts. The legislation is scheduled to take effect later this month.

The use of athletes in gambling-related marketing is forbidden under a restriction that was put in place by the French gambling regulator, the Autorité nationale des Jeux (ANJ).

Even stricter restrictions have been introduced by other countries. For example, the Netherlands forbade all non-targeted advertising and only permitted targeted marketing in specific situations, while Belgium imposed an almost complete ban on gambling-related advertising.

Extremely severe regulations on sports betting advertising are also in place in other European nations including Germany and Italy. Operators in both nations are advocating for the eventual easing of such stringent regulations.

In 2023, Brazilians Bet Online for More Than $11 Billion

Brazilians wagered and gambled online for $11.1 billion, or BRL 54 billion, between January and November of last year. The figures only include deposits made to accounts on the best betting sites registered outside of Brazil and are based on information from the nation’s central bank.
About $8.9 billion of the entire money that residents wagered on online betting was paid out as winnings, leaving $2.2 billion in commissions for the operators.

Future Course of Brazil’s Gambling Industry

There have been many detours and turns along Brazil’s path to regulated betting, so the journey has not been easy. After online gambling and betting are legalized in the nation in December 2023, it’s anticipated that iGaming will expand quickly.

Ultimately, though, it seems like the market will open only in the latter half of 2024. The Ministry of Finance will release regulatory guidelines for operators as one of the next steps. Reports indicate that over 130 businesses are interested in submitting an application for a license.

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