Casino Player Sues Neymar and Betting Site Blaze of Losing Money Due to What He Considers Is Misleading Ad

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The punter, a Rio de Janeiro citizen, filed a case against YouTuber Felipe Neto, and several other Internet influencers, including the legendary football player Neymar Jr.

The well-known “Seleçao” star Neymar Jr and a few other people, if you ask an anonymous casino player from Rio de Janeiro, are to blame for pushing him to make large wagers on the Blaze betting website. The man claims to have lost everything after spending his savings while unemployed.

Companies that handle payments and Blaze are also included in the case. The plaintiff demands the restoration of the 62,000 reals, or roughly $12,000, that he allegedly spent on the gambling site, along with an additional one million reals, or roughly $194,000, for moral damages.

Plaintiff Watched Fake Videos of Neymar and Others Winning Big Cash

The guy who filed the lawsuit claimed that he regularly saw videos that digital influencers posted in which they seemed to boost the value of their betting investments. After more research, it was found that the YouTube videos demonstrated the usage of demo accounts that the betting platform supplied.

These accounts, which were obviously fraudulent, undoubtedly use a different algorithm than real accounts. The clients are led to believe that influencers are making money from betting and can earn extra income as a result, not seeing that they are actually utilizing demo accounts.

Nevertheless, bettors lose money when using their real accounts because

they use different algorithms than the accounts in these misleading ads.
Neymar Hasn’t Yet Made Any Comments on Matter
The lawsuit that was filed noted that the current Al-Hilal striker Neymar is promoting Blaze’s platform on social media despite customer complaints and legal actions. No statement was made by the former Barcelona and PSG member yet.

In December 2022, Neymar and the platform confirmed their partnership, with a four-year contract inked. For a total of R$ 45 million (US$ 9 million), his father and the family’s marketing firm, NN Consultoria, mediated the agreement between Neymar and the betting corporation.

Blaze was forced to take down its website by a court order as a result of numerous consumer complaints, unpaid prizes, charges of fraud and money laundering, and the promotion of illegal games like the infamous “tigrinho” game (a popular Brazilian slot that requires no deposit).

After more than two months of being barred from providing its services, a judge in São Paulo ordered the Blaze website to be unblocked in late November, despite the betting company having set up mirror sites to stay in business.

Blaze’s circumstances are still very delicate, though. Being the primary sponsor of Neymar’s old team, Santos, it stands to lose the prominent spot on the jersey, where it has been since April of last year.

How’s Blaze Platform Used?

It’s crucial to emphasize that the industry’s regulations provide precise guidelines for betting companies’ advertising in order to encourage responsible and thoughtful gaming.

Despite some controversy, Blaze is a well-known online gaming platform that has gained popularity recently; it represents one of the most trusted operators among new bookmakers (established two years ago). Those who are interested must register in order to play; this is a simple and quick process. Following registration, players have instant access to a large selection of casino games and not as many sports markets as some other gambling sites. The platform offers a variety of games of chance, including poker, Blackjack, roulette, and slots. Additionally, Blaze offers two exclusive games: Crash and Double, the former of which is the most well-liked by platform users.