How do we rate bookmakers?

We carefully study all the information found about the bookmakers on the Internet when compiling our rating as we want to help you in your choice and try to protect you against further problems. We pay attention to the following points when rating:

Complaints are one of the important points when compiling a rating. Based on them, we can learn the history of the betting office, its attitude towards players and loyalty. So, before choosing the bookmaker, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the complaints, because such situations can happen to you, too. Another important point worth paying attention to is whether the bookmaker solves problems or leaves complaints unanswered.


Unfortunately, not all licenses guarantee you protection on the part of the licensing authority. Therefore, we assess the licensing body itself depending on whether it helps the players in solving their problems or not.


Many beginners make a big mistake by not paying attention to the paragraph about withdrawal limits. Let’s analyze this point in more detail. So, you make a deposit and win over 1,000,000 rubles. But after you try to withdraw these funds, you may be refused and referred to the paragraph about limits from the bookmaker’s terms and conditions. As a result, you will not be able to withdraw your funds immediately or place a bet and will spend several months on withdrawal. We have created a filter by limit, where you can choose a betting office in accordance with your requirements, so that in the future you will not have such problems.


This paragraph is of current interest for those who place bets on different types of sports games: esports, slots, live bets, etc. Since many bettors play exactly like this, we decided to take this into account when compiling the rating.


And there are also situations when you just cannot reach out to the bookmaker’s support service. That doesn’t happen very often but, nevertheless, not all bookmakers are good at this. It is important for the player to ask a question of interest and quickly get an answer to it in chat or by phone. We assess the presence of a live chat, the speed of response of managers and the adequacy of their response when compiling our rating.


We know that not all of you like to read much. Therefore, we decided to do it for you. When registering, you agree to the bookmaker’s terms and conditions, but not all players read them. Did you know that this is where the hidden pitfalls can be? You will not want to register with this betting office at all if you know about them in advance. Basically, they relate to limits, bonuses, extortionate requirements, deposits and withdrawals fees, and much more.


We also take into consideration the information from affiliate sites when compiling our rating. For example, we analyze why the bookmakers is on the Black List and what reasons led to this. And if we find these reasons valid, then we will definitely cut the rating of the bookmaker. Among other things, we take into account the bookmaker’s size, the year of its incorporation, the presence of a live chat, and much more.

We wish you an exciting game and hope that our rating will help you when choosing a worthy bookmaker!