Boxing ‘Fight of the Century’ Between Fury and Joshua Scheduled

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The long-awaited mega-fight in boxing between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury is finally scheduled!

The fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, named ‘Fight of the Century’ and ‘The Biggest Fight in British Boxing History’ is to take place on August 14 in Saudi Arabia. Fury announced a duel of the two British heavyweight world champions in a video message on Instagram in a bombastic way…

Bombastic Announcement of Fury

“Got some massive news for you all guys, I’ve just got off the phone from Prince Khalid of Saudi Arabia, he told me this fight is 100 % on August 14, 2021, summertime. All eyes of the world will be on the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the 32-year-old athlete nicknamed ‘The Gypsy King’ said and added: “I can’t wait, I repeat, I can’t wait, to smash Anthony Joshua on the biggest stage of all time. This is going to be the biggest sporting event ever to grace the planet earth. Don’t miss it – all eyes on us.”

Why is this marked as one of the greatest fights of the last few decades? Well, because the winner will become the undisputed world champion given that Fury and Joshua combine all four major world heavyweight titles. A 31-year-old Joshua holds the WBA, WBO, and IBF straps, while Fury is the WBC champion. And there has been a general agreement since March that the two should compete in two world championship fights. However, the date and venue for a duel were open until now.

Fury and Joshua agreed on a two-fight deal with the first supposed to happen, as mentioned, this summer while the rematch is expected to occur in mid-December or in early 2022. These two fighters are expected to rake in £ 100m each for the fights.

Wilder Ruins Plans for an All-British Duel

However, while boxing fans around the world and top bookmakers were rubbing their hands together with happiness that they will be able to witness one such fight (the latter to earn as well), the third boxer sought justice in court and partially ruined plans of Fury and Joshua. It is Deontay Wilder who is looking for the third promised fight against Fury. And now there is no more dilemma, we will watch the third match between the two of them. It is a court decision.

In the rematch of two great rivals, Fury won the WBC heavyweight title in a direct match with Wilder in February 2020. Then it was said that there would be a third fight, but it was constantly postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so Fury looked for an alternative. That is how, in fact, the boxing community started talking about the match between Fury and Joshua, which is finally scheduled. Still, it seems that due to the latest state of affairs, that match is under great question. Fury eventually decided to give up the third fight against Wilder but an American did not, and the whole case came to the US court.

The Court Ruled in Favor of the American Boxer

A couple of days ago, the court made a decision stating that Wilder has the right to face Fury for the third time and that the fight must be held before September 15, and before an eventual Fury vs Joshua fight. Wilder’s team claimed that according to the contract, Fury has the obligation to enter the ring for the third time and that this has not changed after the postponement from 2020. Fury, on the other hand, claimed that the obligation did not refer to 2021 and that was the reason for giving up and scheduling a fight with Joshua.

Mediation was done before the court and it made the decision that the match must be held. And why it must be held before September 15? Well, because it is the deadline for the third fight. The decision comes shortly after Fury confirmed that everything was agreed for the fight with Joshua in Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, this decision of the court does not mean that the match Fury vs Joshua will be automatically canceled and that it cannot be held according to the current plan.

Different scenarios are possible and even one in which Wilder will be offered money to allow the all-British encounter to take place. There is talk of a sum of $20m that would go to the hands of Wilder.

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September 25, 2021 | 10 p.m. local time